Secondary Role - Mistress

$ 450/p hour

Main feature film, genre: Romance. A barber falls in love with one of his clients. The problem is she is married. But don't worry, her husband also have a mistress, a lover. Act as the husband lover. And they too have problem in their wonderful lustful scenario. More than 25 minutes screen time. Model / Actress must be able to reveal herself on the big screen. Top nude. Back nudity. Kissing on screen. Need to have some acting experience. Dancing knowledge is a plus.

  • Secondary Role
  • Pay by the hour for shooting day
  • A-Type film
  • Acting / Dancing

Sexual American "MILF" - German Production

$ 420/p hour

A sexual American MILF is needed for a German film production. Role needed to appear seductive and open minded mother who comes to visit her son in Munich at the university. Genre: Comedy. International production. Audition needed, no need for prior acting experience. Needed to look seductive. Include full frontal nudity. Sexy lingerie. Tight dress.

  • Mature performance
  • English Speaking
  • A few deys of filiming
  • Role casting / Audition requiers
  • No experience needed

Prisoner of war

Play the role of a Prisoner of War (POW) in a WWII epic production. Extra role. Genre: War film. Be able to play as an extra in an international production of World War II film as a captive being raped by a soldier during the war in a prisoner camp.

Requires some acting skills, but not a must. Full frontal nudity for a brief. Back nudity. Top nudity. Be able to walk barefoot on the ground inside the set. Probably a few days of filming. Might include flight around the world, possibly Japan or Croatia.

$ 380/p hour