About Shozal Casting Agency

We believe in what we do.

In Shozal Casting Agency we believe in what we do. We connect you, with already experience with acting and appearance in front of a camera from one side and International Productions and main productions who needs new faces all the time from the other side. We can help you earn your first main-stream role, by sending you to the right auditions, casting and suite you the great role you deserve.

So you have been in the Adult Entertainment Film Industry, and you want to take your chance moving from Porn to the big screen, appear in big production, a-list level and top International filming. You have come to the right place. We can connect you to the right producers. You may start with a small role, but you can go further than you ever anticipated.

  • Acting

    Matching productions with Actresses in lead roles productions.

  • Auditions

    Setting up Internal and External productions auditions to Porn Stars and Adult Actresses into International productions as Extras, Sub Roles and Lead Roles.

  • Casting

    Casting Managers. Casting Productions. Matching Actress. Locations Builders. All of that is part of our Portfolio.

  • Worldwide activity

    Working around the globe. USA, East Coast, West Coast. South-America. Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia. Central-America: Panama, Consta-Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Cuba. Europe: Spain, England, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Albania, Estonia, Greece. Middle-East: Israel. Far-East: Japan, Sout-Koreak, Singapure, China.